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At the end of your book fair

We can do an inventory together at your organization using the alphabetized print out sheet (the paper-pencil method) or Jenny & Deb can bring the remaining books back to the store and scan them using their computer system.  Currently we do not have off-site scanning available.

  • Doing an inventory on site (paper-pencil method) allows you a chance to count the books sold.  This method is a little more time consuming for you as we are usually on site for 2+ hours doing this inventory.
  • Having The BookHouse scan in the remaining books back at the store, frees up more time for at the end of your fair.  We then call you with a total and compare amount that we calculated with the amount of money that you took in.

With either of the above methods, there are times when discrepancies in amounts do occur.  This can happen for a variety of reasons that you may want to watch out for:

  • Books given away as gifts
  • Discounts given by your organization to certain individuals
  • Librarians have kept a box or 2 of books aside for their wish list.  These books need to be returned and scanned back into the fair or they will be accounted for in the total amount that you owe.
  • Individuals have taken books but not yet paid for them
  • A box of books stuck in a corner, forgotten to be returned
  • Errors in calculations occurring during busy times of the sale
  • Unfortunately…theft

Any discrepancies will be discussed and we make every effort to find reason for this discrepancy. Any remaining discrepancies are taken into account when figuring your credit.


Credit or Cash Options

  • To determine the amount of credit you will receive from your book fair if you are taking credit in the form of books is as follows:

Total cost of books sold  X  75%.  This amount is your cost and it is subtracted from the amount of cash you took in. This quotient is the amount of credit you will have to use.

(PS…the amount of cash you actually took in is the amount that is paid to The BookHouse)

See example below…

Total of books sold............$1000

Multiply by 75%................x 75%

Your cost =.......................$750


Amount of cash you actually took in........$997

Minus your cost...................................-$750

Your credit..........................................$247


When you use your credit at The BookHouse, you will receive a 20 to 25% discount on the books you select.  (Discount does not include professional or Library Bound Books)  The books you select may, but do not have to be from those that were included on your book fair.  You will have a wide selection of books to choose from when you visit The BookHouse.  As you can see, by combing the 25% credit on your book fair and receiving 20 to 25% discount on your selected books, you are actually earning 45-50% on your book fair when you take your credit in books.

  • Your other option is to do a cash profit instead of taking your credit in books.  The formula is the same as above, however you will multiply the total cost of books sold by 80% rather than 75%.